Wondering if Hypnotherapy can work for you?
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Tools, Strategies and self-help remedies

In case you were curious how I assist you

There are a variety of tools I have learned, studied and been certified in as well as experiences and personal pursuits that I have had through the years. All these will help to assist you and your process of growth/refinment and change.

The list below gives you some idea and is merely a reference and to satiate your curosity, if you are curious.

  • Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching. Using the acclaimed Wellness Inventory as a jump start tools to understand your level of wellness and your motivation to Change.
  • Hypno-therapy. A fascinating process that can work wonders to remove sub-conscious blocks.
  • Handwriting Analysis. A study that is over 800 years old and allows me to create a psychological profile.
  • Psychology. Traditional methods with a reflective look at Erik Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development.
  • Yoga, medation and Breathing. Quieting the mind is quickly becomming the key to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming; A newer science developed in the 70's, but with ever reaching ramifications.
  • Usui Reiki Master. Powerful energy work and teachings from the original lineage.
  • Astrology. A study that is 5000 years old and goes well beyond the simple horoscope - which was actually a gimmick to sell newspapers in London of the 1850's.
  • Dream Analysis. Understanding dreams based on a real versus symbolic meaning of dream elements.
  • Shaminic Studies. My study and experiences with Peruvian Shaman, taught me many old world techniques.

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The chapters are short, succinct, and force you to start thinking about yourself as an individual-also, it is one of the few books of this type which has reflections at the end of each chapter which cause one to figure out how to attain what you truly want out of life.
Seb C, Amherst, NY
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