The Core Question - A reflective journey
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Favorite Quotes 
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
Jim Rohn

Contents and Preview

Table of Contents

Foreword  → Videovii
Stepping into Awareness1
One: Your Journey2
Two: Knowing or Truly Knowing  → Video6
Three: Who am I?9
Four: Before the Core Question12
Five: The Core Question  → Video16
Six: Core Question Breakdown  → Video19
Seven: External References22
Eight: Let the Truth Set You Free  → Video26
Nine: The Golden Rule  → Video29
Ten: Deeper Into the Core33
Eleven: Cultivating Love From Within  → Video38
Twelve: The Positive Self43
Thirteen: Personal Spirituality  → Video48
Fourteen: Follow the crowd?  → Video51
Fifteen: A Compendium54
The Art of Understanding Self59
Sixteen: Unlearning Behavior  → Video60
Seventeen: The Selfs66
Eighteen: Self-Esteem69
Nineteen: Self-Direction73
Twenty: Self-Motivation  → Video77
Twenty-one: Checking In80
Twenty-two: Compendium II85
Manifesting Authentically89
Twenty-three: Self-Doubt and Understanding Negative Energy  → Video90
Twenty-four: Inner Child95
Twenty-five: Clearing100
Twenty-six:Sharing Self105
Twenty-seven:Love, A New Picture  → Video109
Twenty-eight: Choices112
Twenty-nine: Integrating Relational Love  → Video116
Thirty: Changeand Fear of the Unknown120
Thirty-one: Beyond the Relational Model125
Thirty-two: The Final Compendium129
About the Author  → Video132